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MSBA Leadership Conference

The 2020 MSBA Leadership Conference is scheduled for Thursday, January 16, and Friday, January 17, 2020, at the Minneapolis Convention Center (located at 1301 Second Avenue South in Minneapolis).

There is no registration fee for MSBA members to attend this two-day conference. MSBA provides this free conference every January as part of members’ annual dues. The conference features nationally recognized speakers, workshops on a variety of topics, a School Excellence Showcase (formerly called Show & Tell), an Exhibit Hall, and a Recognition Luncheon. Early Bird Sessions are provided the evening before the conference.

Participation and Nomination Forms

Leadership Conference Exhibitors

Driving Directions and Parking

Access driving directions and parking information for the Minneapolis Convention Center. The Convention Center is located at 1301 Second Avenue South in Minneapolis.

MSBA Event Cancellation Policy

NOTE: The advance registration deadline for all Leadership Conference events is Monday, January 7, 2019.

Cancellation by Meeting Participants for the Early Bird Sessions and the Recognition Luncheon:

(1) If a pre-registered participant cancels any time prior to the date registration closes, MSBA will fully refund the registration fee.

(2) If a pre-registered participant cancels between the date registration closes until the time the MSBA-sponsored event/activity begins, he/she will be charged an administrative fee of $80.

(3) Once an event/activity begins, all registrants are responsible for the full registration fee.