Stand Up For Public Schools: Advocate for 3 Percent

Increase to General Education Funding Formula

In response to the current developments at the Legislature, MSBA and the Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA) have teamed up to put together a statewide advocacy campaign. 

It is imperative that your voice be heard.  It is time for school board members, superintendents, parents, and students to take action.

Below you will find some tools that will help you send a message to your elected officials and Stand Up for Public Schools in your community.

Gov. Mark Dayton, the Senate and the House have set their budget targets for 2015 legislative session. The Senate and the House targets are inadequate, while the Governor’s budget underfunds the basic education formula. With a $1.9 billion surplus, education should have a sizable enough budget target to allow schools to maintain and expand current programs and opportunities for students.

To get started, please watch this brief video from MSBA Executive Director Kirk Schneidawind. 

Here are some additional suggested steps:

1. Get a group of education advocates together and develop a plan to speak up on behalf of public schools. We suggest a board chair, other board members, a superintendent, a parent and a student.

2.  Distribute the sample letters and encourage advocates to send them to elected officials.

•     Sample letter to House member: Word compatible (download document and customize) | PDF

•     Sample letter to Senate member: Word compatible (download document and customize) | PDF

•     Click here to find your local legislators.

•     Click here for MSBA's talking points on the basic formula increase.

3. Send a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper ASAP.

•     Sample Letter to the Editor: Word compatible (download document and customize) | PDF 

4. Encourage all to send a letter to Gov. Mark Dayton.

•     Sample Letter to Gov. Dayton: Word compatible (download document and customize) | PDF

•     Click here for Gov. Dayton's contact information.

5. Organize a town hall meeting and/or a site visit and invite your local legislators to attend.  Share your school district story.

Your leadership and voice matters. Please act today!

Thank you! Please share with me whom you have contacted and also share their response.


Kirk Schneidawind, MSBA Executive Director |

Gary Amoroso, MASA Executive Director |

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