SCHOOLFINANCES.COM provides management and planning information to school districts. The goal of is to help Minnesota school districts become more “data-based” in their planning and decision-making. Products and services include:

The Financial Planning Model (FPM) is a multi-year planning system into which enrollment, revenue, expenditure, staffing and audit data are entered. The system provides options to enter the financial goal of the district, staffing and staffing ratio adjustments, varying revenue and expenditure assumptions and anticipated changes in reserved accounts. The cost of the FPM is enrollment based. As an example for a district with 2,000 students the cost of the FPM is $8,180. For a district with 6,000 students the cost of the FPM is $11,540. After the FPM is purchased there is an annual maintenance fee that ranges between $1,250 and $2800, based on what option the district chooses.

The Enrollment Projection Model uses K-12 district enrollment history and the current year enrollment to project grade enrollments in future years. The user may choose between 17 methods of projecting enrollment. can also provide Kindergarten projections to a district that uses the county births and births in the zip code areas of the school district to project Kindergarten enrollment for an additional fee. The Enrollment Projection Model is included with the Financial Planning Model. If purchased separately, the cost is $500.

Research Series – This subscription services provides information and systems to users about school district operations and enable the district user to prepare comparison information with other Minnesota school districts. Subscribers receive a user name and password and access the reports and systems from website. The subscription for the Research Series is $1,250.

The Elections Planning System (EPS) of was developed to provide a local school district with a complete voter listing and a listing of their voting history. uses the voting records of the state of Minnesota to develop voter lists for individual school districts and provide them to school districts in Excel files. A master roster of registered voters in a school district is $300, individual voter listings for elections is $140/election and additional lists of parents and staff can be incorporated into the master roster for $170/list to indicate which of the registered voters have voted in specific elections and whether or not they are parents or staff members.

The Negotiations Costing Model was developed to assist school districts to accurately cost negotiations. The model allows the user to see the immediate summary results of dollar or percentage adjustments made to the salary schedule. The user can make unique salary schedule cell adjustments in Year 1 or Year 2. The model automatically prepares a district settlement summary and MSBA settlement report. The cost of the model is $400.

Power HR is an online employee application system that is operational in 12 Minnesota school districts and four community colleges in the state of Minnesota. The system is a hosted Internet application that uses a computer and the internet to post positions, collect and review applications in the hiring process. The maintenance fee for Power HR is enrollment-based and proposals can be prepared upon request.


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