PSEO By Contract

In a collaboration among MSBA, MREA, AMSD, MASSP, and Minnesota State, a PSEO by contract template was developed to support school districts and Minnesota State colleges and universities in developing contracts for PSEO by contract. This template is designed for use by Minnesota’s school districts, charter schools, and Minnesota State campuses.

PSEO by contract provides an option for school districts to directly enter into an agreement with a college or university to fund the costs of the school districts’ high school students participating in PSEO course offerings on a college/university campus or online. Under this agreement, the school district retains the enrollment of the students (and the full formula funding) and the college/university receives a negotiated payment directly from the school district for the courses taken. Colleges and universities offering courses covered within this agreement are not eligible for reimbursement of enrollment costs from the Minnesota Department of Education as authorized in M.S. 124D.09, Subd. 13.

This contract template does not apply to concurrent enrollment courses defined in M.S. 124D.09.

Provided herein is a basic contract template for PSEO by contract and the following appendixes:

Template for PSEO By Contract

Attachment A — M.S. 124.09 Post Secondary Options Act

Attachment B — Minnesota State Policy 3.5  |  System Procedure 3.5.1

Attachment C — Sample language for school districts and college/university duties related to PSEO eligibility, admissions, and participation

Attachment D — The list of PSEO courses covered which is determined between each school district/charter and college campus entering an agreement

All PSEO by contract agreements are developed in accordance with M.S. 124D.09, Minnesota State Board Policy 3.5, Minnesota State System Procedures 3.5.1, and applicable college/university policies. The contract template and the sample language provided within this document are optional for use. School districts and colleges/universities are free to develop their own contract template agreements, duties, and commitments if desired.