The MSBA/MASA Model Policy Manual is a comprehensive legal guide to be used in the efficient management of all aspects of the school system. A joint product of the Minnesota School Boards Association and the Minnesota Association of School Administrators, the Model Policy Manual is carefully examined by the Knutson, Flynn & Deans law firm to ensure compliance with federal and Minnesota laws.

Most school districts do not have the time and personnel to develop a comprehensive policy manual that includes policies, administrative regulations, and forms organized into helpful categories. In addition, school districts would require substantial legal assistance to develop policies on their own. A Model Policy Manual subscription is much more cost effective for school districts than policies developed and revised by their own legal counsel. For these and other reasons, more than 370 members subscribe to the MSBA/MASA Model Policy Manual.

Model Policy Manual subscribers must be MSBA members. The initial subscription cost for the MSBA/MASA Model Policy Manual is $1,950. If your district wishes to subscribe to the Model Policy Manual, please complete this application form and submit a payment of $1,950. Please be sure to include the designated contact person in your district.

Every year, MSBA/MASA model policies are reviewed and updated to reflect changes by legislation or court decisions. Subscribers receive policy newsletter(s) and the new or revised policies. When a model policy is updated, the changes are also posted on the MSBA website. Policy Manual access is password protected. To receive these benefits, MSBA/MASA Model Policy Manual subscriptions must be renewed annually. The current renewal rate is $715.

An MSBA Policy Audit may be a helpful step for Minnesota school districts seeking a comprehensive review of their current policies. MSBA will analyze your district’s policies and create an informative Audit Report setting forth suggested revisions and updates. In addition, MSBA will provide comments if questions arise. The MSBA Policy Audit fee is $1,100.

CONTACT: For information regarding MSBA’s policy products and services, please contact Terry Morrow, MSBA Director of Legal and Policy Services, via email at tmorrow@mnmsba.org.