Your school district has a legal responsibility to ensure its playgrounds are compliant with state and federal safety and accessibility guidelines. MSBA, in partnership with the National Playground Compliance Group (NPCG), has recently expanded the original Minnesota Playground Surfacing Program.

Designed to keep all Minnesota school children safe, healthy, and fit, your new resource for playground compliance is the MSBA Playground Compliance Program — working hand-in-hand with the NPCG and their exclusive OverallSolutions® strategy; your full-service solution for safety surfacing, play and fitness equipment, inspections, professional design and ongoing maintenance.

Benefits of the MSBA Playground Compliance Program:

  • Proven Safety Surfacing
    • Injury reduction up to 75 percent when combined with S.A.F.E. Training
    • Universal Access ® which meets ADA requirements, as compared to loose-fill materials
    • Long-Term performance
    • Healthier play time
  • Innovative Play and Fitness Solutions
    • Imaginative and creative play for children of all abilities
    • Age-appropriate structures designed for development of all muscle groups
    • UV and weather protection
    • Universal Sport Courts™/multi-event enclosures
  • Professional Design and Construction
    • NPCG-certified construction teams
    • Overall Solutions ® provided exclusively by NPCG
    • Streamlined installation
  • Inspection, Certification and Training
    • Certified Playground Safety Inspectors to certify your new or existing playgrounds to state and federal guidelines
    • NPCG certification for design, safety, and ADA accessibility
    • Compliance education
  • Lifetime Assurance / Life Cycle Management
    • Annual assessments to assure continued compliance
    • Routine repair and maintenance of playground equipment
    • Annual surfacing refresh
  • Legal Support Services
  • Financing / Lease Purchase

Playground Program Contacts

  • MSBA: Kirk Schneiawind, MSBA Executive Director| | 800-324-4459 | 1900 West Jefferson Avenue, St. Peter, MN 56001
  • National Playground Compliance Group: Tim Mahoney, President | | 847-458-5872 or 847-458-2942 | 1701 Fernwood Lane, Algonquin, IL 60102