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  • President's Message: "By Understanding the Past, We Can Better Understand and Plan for the Future" by MSBA President Deborah Pauly
  • "All Means All: A Guide to Help School Boards Provide an Equitable Education for Their Students" by MSBA's Katie Klandefud and Paula O'Loughlin
  • 2020 MSBA Leadership Conference Preview by MSBA's Bruce Lombard and Greg Abbott
  • "Dispelling Myths About the Science of Learning: How Do Educators Think Students Learn Best?" by Kim Gibbons, CAREI Associate Director
  • Ask MSBA: "Superintendent Search: Through a New Lens" by MSBA's Barb Dorn
  • Legal Update: "Advice for School Boards on Policy Development" by MSBA's Terry Morrow
  • Feature: "MSBA From 2000 to 2020 — Services Get Specific in the World of Social Media and E-Communication" by MSBA's Greg Abbott

The MSBA Journal includes school features, exploration of leadership issues and in-depth stories on education trends, showcases student art and contains a directory of vendors.