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  • President's Message: "With the World Spinning So Fast, It’s Important to Support Each Other" by MSBA President Deborah Pauly
  • MSBA Summer Seminar Preview: “Access and Inclusion Matters: Throughout COVID-19 and Beyond”
  • MSBA Summer Seminar Preview: Keynote Speaker Dr. Jennifer-Ulie-Wells — "Getting Boards on Board to Improve School Mental Health"
  • MSBA Summer Seminar Preview: Keynote Speaker Verjeana Jacobs, Esq. "Unpack the Backpacks"
  • 2020 MSBA Legislative Review: "Distance Legislating COVID-19, State Budget Deficit Casts Shadow Over 2020 Session" by MSBA's Denise Dittrich and Kimberley Dunn Lewis
  • Education 2040: "Public School Students’ Vision for Education" by Meghan Chouanard (Orono High School) and Bethany Tamrat (Park High School from South Washington County Schools)
  • The MSBA Interview — Dr. Deb Henton by MSBA's Bruce Lombard
  • "Support and Fellowship: Bond Between Minnesota School Board Directors Helen Bassett and Abdi Sabrie Sparks Formation of Minnesota School Board Directors of Color Fellowship Group" by Helen Bassett, Robbinsdale Area School Board Member
  • "Wise Counsel Minnesota Secondary Counselor of the Year: Mental Health Needs of Students Do Not Shut Off Like a Light Switch When Summer Hits” by MSBA's Bruce Lombard
  • Ask MSBA: "Pivoting and Unexpected Opportunities — How Will MSBA Adapt Its Learning Opportunities?" by MSBA's Katie Klanderud and Paula O’Loughlin
  • "The Spanish Flu in the Twin Cities: COVID-19 Has Some Familiar Themes from 1918 Pandemic" by MSBA's Greg Abbott
  • Legal Update: "New Title IX Final Rule on Sexual Harassment" by MSBA's Terence Morrow

The MSBA Journal includes school features, exploration of leadership issues and in-depth stories on education trends, showcases student art and contains a directory of vendors.