MISSION STATEMENT: The MSBA Executive Search Service's mission is to assist school boards in recruiting and employing superintendents or other district-level administrators utilizing best practices in keeping with MSBA’s mission to support, promote, and strengthen the work of public school boards and public education.

PHILOSOPHY: The MSBA Executive Search Service is grounded in its commitment to provide a collaborative, highly professional, and efficient search process that supports school boards in fulfilling one of their most important school board responsibilities — hiring a superintendent. The MSBA Executive Search Service approaches the search process from a school board perspective, and the school board maintains control of all search-related decisions. MSBA’s search consultants partner with the school board and provide assistance to ease the onus of the search process from start to finish — coordinating the search tasks, collecting information, etc.

MEMBER — NATIONAL AFFILIATION OF SUPERINTENDENT SEARCHERS: The National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers (NASS) is comprised of more than 100 superintendent search consultants representing 39 state school boards associations who assist search consultants in other states by providing access to nationwide job postings to notify a national market of the vacancy. NASS members also help state association search consultants with vital reference and work-history verification concerning out-of-state applicants. Ultimately, when a school board hires MSBA to conduct its superintendent search, the school district taps into NASS — one of the most experienced, qualified networks of search consultants in the United States.


  • Barb Dorn, MSBA Director of Leadership Development and Executive Search | | 800-324-4459