MSBA Endorsed Products and Services

National Insurance Services

National Insurance Services, Inc. (NIS) has specialized in public sector benefits since 1969. The Minnesota School Boards Association Insurance Trust (MSBAIT) endorses NIS as the preferred provider for life and long-term disability insurance. NIS helps school districts align their unique and complex benefit challenges with the hard-to-understand language and practices of insurance.

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BoardBook is an electronic tool that makes assembling and distributing board meeting packets easy and opens the door for paperless board meetings.

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Minnesota Tax and Aid Anticipation Program (MNTAAB)

MNTAAB helps members address cash flow issues. The power of pooled purchasing gives districts an advantage in the short-term debt market. It’s easy to participate; borrowing costs are low; and the pool proceeds can be reinvested to provide a competitive rate of return to districts. Springsted Inc. and the Minnesota Service Cooperatives are MSBA’s partners for the MNTAAB program.

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MSBA Playground Compliance Program

The MSBA Playground Compliance Program works to keep all Minnesota school children safe, healthy, and fit. This program is a full-service solution for safety surfacing, playground and fitness equipment, inspections, design, and ongoing maintenance.

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PaySchools provides members with an efficient, easy method to collect fees and receive payments by electronic check or credit card for school lunches and anything else related to the school district. MSBA co-sponsors PaySchools with the Minnesota Association of School Administrators and the Minnesota Service Cooperatives.

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The National Joint Powers Alliance Purchasing Program offers members contract purchasing solutions that are leveraged nationally to enable contracted suppliers and member agencies to work smarter and more efficient as they do business with each other. NJPA does this by establishing a business and service alliance between member buyers and contracted suppliers ensuring a valued and successful national cooperative contract.

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Educators Benefit Consultants

Educators Benefit Consultants' Administration and Compliance Service has been submitting contribution data and funds to vendors for the past 12 years. The ACS can calculate contribution limits, track hardship withdrawals, loans, loan repayments and transfers.

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Minnesota Payment Solutions P-Card Program

The Minnesota Payment Solutions P-Card Program provides secure procurement cards that simplify district purchasing and bill paying. Members may earn a rebate based on purchasing volume. MSBA co-sponsors the Minnesota Payment Solutions P-Card Program with the Minnesota Association of School Administrators and the Minnesota Association of School Business Officials.

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MSBA Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance Program

MSBA partners with Disability Access Consultants to help members develop their federally mandated ADA compliance “transition plans” through a do-it-yourself software program.

Learn more about the ADA Compliance Program. helps members become more data-based in planning and decision-making. The Financial Planning Model allows members to enter baseline data and assumptions and develop a five-year plan. prepares reports in the following areas: referenda, staffing, student options, mobility, dropouts, free/reduced lunches, enrollment, and much more.

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