Arrive early to the 2019 Leadership Conference and join us for one of two Early Bird Sessions at 7 p.m. Wednesday, January 16, at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Please coordinate registration through your school district office.

REGISTRATION: Advance registration closed January 7; walk-ins are welcome to attend

  • Advance registration: $110
  • Walk-in registration: $120

2019 Early Bird Sessions

"Bargaining Basics"

“Bargaining Basics” is essential training for newly elected school board members and new negotiators and a great refresher for veteran negotiators. Negotiating employee Master Agreements for both licensed and nonlicensed staff is among the school board’s most complex, technical, and stressful duties. This session is designed to introduce attendees to the negotiations process, including applicable statutes, various responsibilities of board members, do’s and don’ts, and much more.
Presented by Amy Fullenkamp-Taylor, MSBA Director of Management Services; Bill Kautt, MSBA Associate Director of Management Services; Terry Morrow, MSBA Associate Director of Management and Policy Services; and Maria Lonis, MSBA Associate Director of Management Services.

"The Board’s Role in Driving Successful Technology Implementations"

Technology can play an important role in improving learning when it’s implemented effectively by district leadership. “The Board’s Role in Driving Successful Technology Implementations” draws from best practices of Apple Distinguished Schools around the world, addresses critical elements of leadership, and the school board’s role in guiding strategic technology decision-making. Sue Meyer is part of Apple’s Education Team, working with school leaders to leverage technology to transform learning. Prior to Apple, Meyer served for 26 years as a teacher and district administrator in Minnesota. Meyer holds an M.S. in Information Media.
Presented by Sue Meyer, Apple Education Team

MSBA Event Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by Meeting Participants for the Early Bird Sessions:

(1) If a pre-registered participant cancels any time prior to the date registration closes, MSBA will fully refund the registration fee.

(2) If a pre-registered participant cancels between the date registration closes until the time the MSBA-sponsored event/activity begins, he/she will be charged an administration fee of $50.

(3) Once an event/activity begins, all registrants are responsible for the full registration fee.