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Note: These lists of legislators have not been updated to relfect to the 2018 elections. An update will be coming soon.

Contact Governor Mark Dayton

Write to Gov. Mark Dayton at Office of the Governor, 130 State Capitol, 75 Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155 — or call him at 800-657-3717 or 651-201-3400Email the governor via this contact form.


Rep. Dan Fabian (District 1A)    

Rep. Deb Kiel (District 1B)      

Rep. Matt Grossell (District 2A)    

Rep. Steve Green (District 2B)    

Rep. Robert Ecklund (District 3A)   

Rep. Mary Murphy (District 3B)    

Rep. Ben Lien (District 4A)    

Rep. Paul Marquart (District 4B)    

Rep. Matt Bliss (District 5A)    

Rep. Sandy Layman (District 5B)    

Rep. Julie Sandstede (District 6A)     

Rep. Jason Metsa (District 6B)      

Rep. Jennifer Schultz (District 7A)    

Rep. Liz Olson (District 7B)      

Rep. Bud Nornes (District 8A)    

Rep. Mary Franson (District 8B)      

Rep. John Poston (District 9A)    

Rep. Ron Kresha (District 9B)      

Rep. Josh Heintzeman (District 10A)      

Rep. Dale Lueck (District 10B)      

Rep. Mike Sundin (District 11A)    

Rep. Jason Rarick (District 11B)    

Rep. Jeff Backer (District 12A)    

Rep. Paul Anderson (District 12B)    

Rep. Jeff Howe (District 13A)    

Rep. Tim O'Driscoll (District 13B)    

Rep. Tama Theis (District 14A)      

Rep. Jim Knoblach (District 14B)      

Rep. Sondra Erickson (District 15A)    

Rep. Jim Newberger (District 15B)    

Rep. Chris Swedzinski (District 16A)    

Rep. Paul Torkelson (District 16B)    

Rep. Tim Miller (District 17A)      

Rep. Dave Baker (District 17B)      

Rep. Dean Urdahl (District 18A)    

Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen (District 18B)      

Rep. Clark Johnson (District 19A)    

Rep. Jack Considine (District 19B)    

Rep. Bob Vogel (District 20A)      

Rep. David Bly (District 20B)    

Rep. Barb Haley (District 21A)   

Rep. Steve Drazkowski (District 21B)      

Rep. Joe Schomacker (District 22A)      

Rep. Rod Hamilton (District 22B)    

Rep. Bob Gunther (District 23A)    

Rep. Jeremy Munson (District 23B)  

Rep. John Petersburg (District 24A)    

Rep. Brian Daniels (District 24B)    

Rep. Duane Quam (District 25A)      

Rep. Duane Sauke (District 25B)      

Rep. Tina Liebling (District 26A)      

Rep. Nels Pierson (District 26B)      

Rep. Peggy Bennett (District 27A)    

Rep. Jeanne Poppe (District 27B)      

Rep. Gene Pelowski Jr. (District 28A)      

Rep. Greg Davids (District 28B)    

Rep. Joe McDonald (District 29A)      

Rep. Marion O'Neill (District 29B)      

Rep. Nick Zerwas (District 30A)      

Rep. Eric Lucero (District 30B)      

Rep. Kurt Daudt (District 31A)      

Rep. Cal Bahr (District 31B)    

Rep. Brian Johnson (District 32A)      

Rep. Anne Neu (District 32B)     

Rep. Jerry Hertaus (District 33A)      

Rep. Cindy Pugh (District 33B)      

Rep. Joyce Peppin (District 34A)      

Rep. Dennis Smith (District 34B)      

Rep. Abigail Whelan (District 35A)      

Rep. Peggy Scott (District 35B)    

Rep. Mark Uglem (District 36A)    

Rep. Melissa Hortman (District 36B)      

Rep. Erin Koegel (District 37A)      

Rep. Nolan West (District 37B)      

Rep. Linda Runbeck (District 38A)    

Rep. Matt Dean (District 38B)      

Rep. Bob Dettmer (District 39A)      

Rep. Kathy Lohmer (District 39B)    

Rep. Michael Nelson (District 40A)    

Rep. Debra Hilstrom (District 40B)      

Rep. Connie Bernardy (District 41A)      

Rep. Mary Kunesh-Podelin (District 41B)    

Rep. Randy Jessup (District 42A)      

Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn (District 42B)      

Rep. Peter Fischer (District 43A)    

Rep. Leon Lillie (District 43B)      

Rep. Sarah Anderson (District 44A)      

Rep. Jon Applebaum (District 44B)    

Rep. Lyndon Carlson Sr. (District 45A)    

Rep. Mike Freiberg (District 45B)      

Rep. Peggy Flanagan (District 46A)      

Rep. Cheryl Youakim (District 46B)      

Rep. Jim Nash (District 47A)      

Rep. Joe Hoppe (District 47B)      

Rep. Laurie Pryor (District 48A)      

Rep. Jenifer Loon (District 48B)      

Rep. Dario Anselmo (District 49A)    

Rep. Paul Rosenthal (District 49B)      

Rep. Linda Slocum (District 50A)    

Rep. Andrew Carlson (District 50B)    

Rep. Sandra Masin (District 51A)      

Rep. Laurie Halverson (District 51B)      

Rep. Rick Hansen (District 52A)    

Rep. Regina Barr (District 52B)      

Rep. JoAnn Ward (District 53A)      

Rep. Kelly Fenton (District 53B)      

Rep. Keith Franke (District 54A)      

Rep. Tony Jurgens (District 54B)    

Rep. Bob Loonan (District 55A)      

Rep. Tony Albright (District 55B)      

Rep. Drew Christensen (District 56A)    

Rep. Roz Peterson (District 56B)      

Rep. Erin Maye Quade (District 57A)      

Rep. Anna Wills (District 57B)      

Rep. Jon Koznick (District 58A)      

Rep. Pat Garofalo (District 58B)      

Rep. Fue Lee (District 59A)    

Rep. Raymond Dehn (District 59B)      

Rep. Diane Loeffler (District 60A)    

Rep. Ilhan Omar (District 60B)      

Rep. Frank Hornstein (District 61A)    

Rep. Paul Thissen (District 61B)      

Rep. Karen Clark (District 62A)    

Rep. Susan Allen (District 62B)    

Rep. Jim Davnie (District 63A)      

Rep. Jean Wagenius (District 63B)    

Rep. Erin Murphy (District 64A)      

Rep. Dave Pinto (District 64B)    

Rep. Rena Moran (District 65A)      

Rep. Carlos Mariani (District 65B)    

Rep. Alice Hausman (District 66A)    

Rep. John Lesch (District 66B)      

Rep. Tim Mahoney (District 67A)      

Rep. Sheldon Johnson (District 67B)    


Sen. Mark Johnson (District 1)    

Sen. Paul Utke (District 2)    

Sen. Thomas M. Bakk (District 3)   

Sen. Kent Eken (District 4)      

Sen. Justin Eichorn (District 5)    

Sen. David J. Tomassoni (District 6)    

Sen. Erik Simonson (District 7)      

Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen (District 8)              

Sen. Paul E. Gazelka (District 9)    

Sen. Carrie Ruud (District 10)      

Sen. Tony Lourey (District 11)   

Sen. Torrey N. Westrom (District 12)    

Sen. Michelle L. Fischbach (District 13)    

Sen. Jerry Relph (District 14)    

Sen. Andrew Mathews (District 15)      

Sen. Gary H. Dahms (District 16)    

Sen. Andrew Lang (District 17)    

Sen. Scott J. Newman (District 18)      

Sen. Nick A. Frentz (District 19)    

Sen. Rich Draheim (District 20)      

Sen. Michael P. Goggin (District 21)    

Sen. Bill Weber (District 22)    

Sen. Julie A. Rosen (District 23)    

Sen. John Jasinski (District 24)      

Sen. David H. Senjem (District 25)      

Sen. Carla J. Nelson (District 26)      

Sen. Dan Sparks (District 27)    

Sen. Jeremy R. Miller (District 28)    

Sen. Bruce D. Anderson (District 29)      

Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer (District 30)      

Sen. Michelle R. Benson (District 31)      

Sen. Mark Koran (District 32)      

Sen. David J. Osmek (District 33)      

Sen. Warren Limmer (District 34)    

Sen. Jim Abeler (District 35)      

Sen. John A. Hoffman (District 36)    

Sen. Jerry Newton (District 37)    

Sen. Roger C. Chamberlain (District 38)      

Sen. Karin Housley (District 39)      

Sen. Chris A. Eaton (District 40)    

Sen. Carolyn Laine (District 41)    

Sen. Jason Isaacson (District 42)      

Sen. Charles W. Wiger (District 43)    

Sen. Paul Anderson (District 44)      

Sen. Ann H. Rest (District 45)      

Sen. Ron Latz (District 46)      

Sen. Scott M. Jensen (District 47)      

Sen. Steve A. Cwodzinski (District 48)      

Sen. Melisa Franzen (District 49)      

Sen. Melissa H. Wiklund (District 50)      

Sen. Jim Carlson (District 51)      

Sen. Matt D. Klein (District 52)    

Sen. Susan Kent (District 53)      

Sen. Karla Bigham (District 54)      

Sen. Eric R. Pratt (District 55)     

Sen. Dan D. Hall (District 56)      

Sen. Greg D. Clausen (District 57)    

Sen. Matt Little (District 58)      

Sen. Bobby Joe Champion (District 59)      

Sen. Kari Dziedzic (District 60)      

Sen. D. Scott Dibble (District 61)      

Sen. Jeff Hayden (District 62)      

Sen. Patricia Torres Ray (District 63)    

Sen. Richard Cohen (District 64)    

Sen. Sandra L. Pappas (District 65)    

Sen. John Marty (District 66)      

Sen. Foung Hawj (District 67)    


Sen. Tina Smith (D)      

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D)    


Not sure of your congressional district or who your member is? Click here to match your ZIP code to your congressional district.

District 1: Rep. Timothy J. Walz (D)      

District 2: Rep. Jason Lewis (R)      

District 3: Rep. Erik Paulsen (R)      

District 4: Rep. Betty McCollum (D)      

District 5: Rep. Keith Ellison (D)      

District 6: Rep. Tom Emmer (R)      

District 7: Rep. Collin C. Peterson (D)      

District 8: Rep. Rick Nolan (D)