School boards employ a superintendent to lead and manage the school district. The superintendent is an ex officio, nonvoting member of the school board and the chief executive officer of the school system. The superintendent’s duties and responsibilities are derived largely from three sources: in statute, his/her employment contract, and his/her job description.

Superintendents are responsible for the management of the schools, the administration of all school board policies, and are directly accountable to the school board. The superintendent must annually evaluate each principal assigned responsibility for supervising a school building in the district. Also, the superintendent may delegate responsibilities to other school district personnel, but shall continue to be accountable for actions taken under such delegation.

Statutory Authority
Access the statute (M.S. 123B.143) regulating the school board’s employment of a superintendent.

Minnesota law requires superintendents who work in Minnesota to hold a superintendent’s license from the state of Minnesota.

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