2019 Omnibus E-12 House and Senate E-12 Education Bills

The MSBA Government Relations staff is a respected voice for school boards and public education at the Minnesota Legislature.

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MSBA represents every school board member in the state along with more than 837,000 public school students. MSBA is the leading advocate for public education by supporting, promoting and strengthening the work of public school boards.

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The MSBA Government Relations Team provides:

  • Factual, timely and relevant information on education issues at the Legislature.
  • A political voice locally, statewide and nationally.
  • Comprehensive advocacy for all issues that face Minnesota public schools at the Legislature.

We believe:

  • An investment in a student is a smart investment in our state’s future.
  • Providing school districts maximum flexibility and control provides benefits to students.
  • State policies should ensure every student has the opportunity to graduate prepared to be successful in the postsecondary path of their choice.

Recent Documents

Special Education Funding and School Trust Lands Resolutions