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The Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) is a private, nonprofit organization that exists to support the work of public school boards and public education.

  • MSBA is a member association, not a government agency.
  • MSBA has no regulatory or enforcement powers.

If you are a community member with concerns or comments about your school district or school board, please contact your school district administration and/or your school board members.


Our Mission
The Minnesota School Boards Association, a leading advocate for public education, supports, promotes and strengthens the work of public school boards.

MSBA was founded in 1920 and is the eighth-oldest school board organization in the United States.

See The Benefits of Belonging to MSBA.


Our Board of Directors | See the MSBA Board of Directors
The MSBA Board of Directors is comprised of one representative from each of the MSBA Director Districts, plus the President, and alternating terms of a President-Elect in the even year, and a Past President in the odd year. MSBA Executive Director Kirk Schneidawind is an ex officio member of the Board of Directors. (Access a list of MSBA's presidents.)


Our Staff | See the MSBA Staff
The MSBA Staff is divided into six major divisions:

Administration/Governance: The major purpose of this division is to implement the policies of the board of directors by providing leadership and management services. The work of the Division can be divided into the areas of the board, financial management, auxiliary programs, technology, and support services.

Board Development/Training: The mission of the Division of Board Development is to provide a continuous program of school board development, the objective of which is to improve the effectiveness of school boards in meeting their roles and responsibilities to students, parents, staff and community.

Government Relations: The services of the Government Relations Division include working with legislative committees, individual legislators and their staff, numerous state agencies, and representatives of the executive branch. The charge to the Division is to present the statewide views of Minnesota's public school board members.

Management Services: The role of the Division of Management Services within the overall structure of MSBA is to provide assistance to member school districts (both the locally elected school boards and their administrative staffs) in the areas of management and personnel issues.

Policy Services: Policy Services is a joint effort of the Minnesota School Boards Association and the Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MSBA/MASA). The Policy Service is a comprehensive legal guide to be used in the efficient management of all aspects of the school system.

Public Relations/Communications: The functions of the Public Relations/Communications Division are the Annual Leadership Conference and Exhibit, official publications, and working with local school boards in the areas of advocacy efforts, communications, community relations, elections, and superintendent search.


Other Information

List of School Districts (arranged by MSBA Director District and Area)

MSBA Director District Map

MSBA Bylaws

MSBA Tax Information

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