Summary Report: Research for Adopting a Position by MSBA on the Education Amendment

MSBA plans to take a position on the proposed constitutional amendment — advanced by Justice Alan Page and Neel Kashkari — to make education a fundamental right. MSBA sought research to better understand the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the membership in shaping the organization’s position, and to explore how adoption of this amendment would change education in Minnesota. The research — conducted through three focus groups — explored the factors that increase support for the amendment, and those factors that decrease support for the amendment. Access the summary report, Research for Adopting a Position by MSBA on the Education Amendment.

Look Back on the 2021 Legislative Session with the MSBA Legislative Summary!

The 2021 MSBA Legislative Summary is a guide to the actions impacting E-12 education during the regular and special legislative session in the Minnesota Legislature. MSBA would like to thank its members for their advocacy on behalf of our 850,000 public school students. Our Government Relations staff does an outstanding job representing our public school boards, but your voice and input from the field make us even stronger. Access the 2021 MSBA Legislative Summary.

Online Webinar Again Offered for School Election Officials Who Need Training in Odd-Year Elections

MSBA has again teamed up with the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office to offer a one-hour training to review election timelines, new laws that affect elections, absentee and early voting, pre-election and post-election duties, and more. School district election officials can simply register for the Election Officer Training by visiting The cost is $99. When your election officer registers, a link to the webinar will be sent to the person and a form to document training will also be sent along. After the training, the form can be given to the district’s county auditor. MSBA offers this training because state statute only requires county auditors to offer training in even years. This way, districts with odd-year elections, special elections and referenda elections can get a refresher on what is required from school election officers so the process can run properly. If you have any questions, call Greg Abbott at 800-324-4459 or